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 participial Adjectives

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nsreen qatanani


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PostSubject: participial Adjectives   Fri Jun 17, 2011 9:56 am

The children were fascinate/ fascinated by the animals in the zoo.
The animals were fascinate/ fascinating to the children.
The nature film was fascinate /fascinating .
Susan was fascinate/ fascinated by the nature film.
Jennifer is interest/ interested in computers.
Computers are interest /interesting to Jennifer.
Jason is an interest /interesting person. I'd like to meet him.
Jason is interest/ interested in history.
Some movies are very bore/ boring . They make me sleepy.
Sara was bore/ bored at the movie.
The professor's lecture was a little bore /boring . I almost fell asleep!
Professor Samuel's class bore/ bored me yesterday.
I am really tire tired today.
Trying to learn another language can be tire/ tiring sometimes.
Working for 12 hours with no break is tire /tiring for most people.
Jonathon is very tire/ tired today because he worked all day.
I am really surprise/ surprised by the news.
The news is very surprise /surprising to me.
Jack was surprise/ surprised by his friends. They gave him a surprise birthday party.
The birthday party was surprise/ surprising to Jack.
Speaking English all day can be frustrate /frustrating to students.
I get very frustratefrustrated by traffic.
Traffic is very frustratefrustrating to me.
Keiko was frustratefrustrated when she lost her keys
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participial Adjectives
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